Query string dissecter

How it works:

Copy the URL from a google search result or a Referrer URL into the input filed below and press enter. You'll get the decoded values of the query string. This is a handy tool, wether you're interested in decoding the ved parameter or not. I'll update this site, as soon is I gather new insight about the query parameters. You're welcome to read the Article and if you find out something new, please don't hesitate to comment.

This little demonstration is written in python using Google App Engine (GAE) (which is quite nice by the way). You might think, that it is a little bold to host this demonstration on googles servers. But I think they don't care. If they would have wanted to hide the information that is available in the ved parameter, they would have done it.

Happy digging

note: I am saving all queries for later reference, so don't paste anything sensitive.

To understand, how the ved parameter is encoded, read Google Referrer Query Strings Debunked

The source code of the ved decoder is available on GitHub